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IGT Veneto Primofiore Giuseppe Quintarelli  2016 - Lot of 1 Bottle

IGT Veneto Primofiore Giuseppe Quintarelli 2016

An excellent introduction to wines from this highly-regarded property. An expressive and balanced cuvée with fruity, floral, and spicy aromas and a structured palate. It is perfect with beef and lamb.

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Lot Description: IGT Veneto Primofiore Giuseppe Quintarelli 2016

Lot description

  • Quantity 1 Bottle
  • Level:1 into-neck
  • Label: 1 good appearance
  • Origin: Producer
  • Recoverable VAT: Yes
  • Original Wooden Case: No
  • Custom Seal : no

Information about the wine

  • Country/Region: Italy - Veneto
  • Appellation/Wine: IGT Veneto
  • Climat/Cuvée: Primofiore
  • Producer/Owner: Giuseppe Quintarelli
  • Vintage: 2016
  • Color: Red
  • Grape variety: Corvina, corvinone, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc
  • Service temperature (in °C): 16

Information about the producer

  • Viticulture: Conventional
  • Size (in ha): 12
  • Intensity : Light
  • Dominant aroma : Red fruit
  • Tasting occasion : Gastronomic wine
  • Cuvée Primofiore, which means "first pressing", offers floral (violet, rose), fruity (red and dark berries) and spicy aromas and delivers a wealth of subtle tannins on the palate in a well-balanced fresh, flavoursome package which is distinctively light and indulgent.

    Giuseppe Quintarelli is quite simply a legend of Italian viticulture, and more precisely of Amarone, a Venetian wine with worldwide reputation. He unfortunately passed away in 2012. He managed his 12-hectare domain in the hills to the north of Verona, in the heart of the Valpolicella appellation. A perfectionist through and through, he wouldn’t release his wines for sale until they had matured for many years.
    *The above information describes the wine and is not vintage specific.

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Further information

  • Service temperature16°
  • Peak -
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