Rivesaltes Haute Couture Vignerons catalans 1979

  • Nutty
  • Meditation wine
  • Color:Brown
  • 15.50% 
  • 1.5L
  • Intensity
  • Fortified wine
  • Quantity: 2 Bottles
  • Level: 2 into-neck
  • Label: 2 good appearance

Rivesaltes Haute Couture Vignerons catalansserve at a temperature of 12°C. It will pair perfectly with the following dishes: Foie gras mi-cuit, Petits fondants au chocolat, Marquise au chocolat.

Lot presentation
Rivesaltes Haute Couture Vignerons catalans

Cuvée presentation

The appellation takes it name from the town of the same name, which means "rives hautes" ("high banks") in Catalan. The vines cover slightly more than 8,000 hectares of terraces and hills, traversed by three rivers that have shaped the landscape. A tasting wine par excellence, Rivesaltes was extremely popular in the 1930s, to the extent that they were among the first French wines to granted Appellation Contrôlée (Protected Designation of Origin) status in 1936. A few years later this popularity waned with the difficult war years. However, for some time now, like Sauternes and other fine sweet wines, they has been renewed interest in old bottles of vin doux naturel: their production process ensures an exceptional longevity, and yet their prices remain incredibly "sweet". The appellation has recognized four main types of Rivesaltes since 1997: - Amber Rivesaltes, matured with oxidization for at last two years in large containers (vats or oak casks). With a beautiful dark golden or amber colour, they have scents of hazelnuts, almonds, nut husks, candied citrus fruit and roasted notes. - Red Rivesaltes that is bottled young (75% Grenache Noir) and aged without oxidization for at least 12 months, three of which are in bottles. These have a lovely deep ruby colour and aromas of small red fruit (cherries, blackcurrants, raspberries, blackberries). - "Tuilé" (orangey-brown coloured) Rivesaltes (50% Grenache Noir) aged in large containers in contact with air for at least two years. They have a pretty roof tile colour, with glints of brown or orange. They develop aromas of coffee, cocoa, tobacco and candied fruit (figs, prunes, strawberries and quince). The description "hors d'age" ("beyond age") can be added to "ambré" and "tuilé" for wines that have undergone ageing for more than five years after vinification.

Detailed characteristics

  • Quantity: 2 Bottles
  • Level: 2 into-neck
  • Label: 2 good appearance
  • Origin: Private individual
  • Type of cellar: Classic underground cellar
  • Recoverable VAT: No
  • Original Wooden Case / Original Case: No
  • French customs seal: yes
  • Alcohol percentage: 15.50 %
  • Country/Region: Roussillon
  • Appellation/Wine: Rivesaltes
  • Vintage: 1979
  • Color: Brown
  • Service temperature: 12°
  • Viticulture: Conventional 
  • Size (in ha): 8127
  • Volume: 148000 hectolitres
  • Intensity: Fortified wine
  • Dominant aroma: Nutty
  • Tasting occasion: Meditation wine

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Rivesaltes Haute Couture Vignerons catalans 1979

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