Cognac XO Hennessy

  • Spices
  • Aperitif wine
  • Wine for ageing
  • Color:Brown
  • 40% 
  • 0.75L
  • Intensity
  • Full-bodied

A beautiful Cognac that recounts the history of the hundred-year-old eaux-de-vie blended in the bottle! More info

  • Quantity: 1 Bottle
  • Level: 1 into-neck
  • Label: 1 good appearance

Cognac XO Hennessy serve at a temperature of 14°C. It will pair perfectly with the following dishes: Pâté en croute au cognac, Seul.

Lot presentation
Cognac XO Hennessy

Cuvée presentation

This old Cognac is made from around 100 long-aged eaux-de-vie, hence the complexity of its aromas. Its deep, amber colour with its beautiful hints of gold exude a gentle spiciness in perfect harmony with its notes of candied fruit. Its silky and ample mouthfeel lines the palate with touches of chocolate and sweet fruits. Its long finish is proof of the quality of its blend and its maturation. To be served straight, on the rocks, or allongé with a dash of sparkling or still water.

Detailed characteristics

  • Quantity: 1 Bottle
  • Level: 1 into-neck
  • Label: 1 good appearance
  • Origin: Private individual
  • Type of cellar: Classic underground cellar
  • Recoverable VAT: No
  • Original Wooden Case / Original Case: Yes
  • French customs seal: no
  • Alcohol percentage: 40 %
  • Country/Region: Charente
  • Appellation/Wine: Cognac
  • Producer/Owner: Hennessy
  • Vintage: ----
  • Color: Brown
  • Service temperature: 14°
  • Viticulture: Conventional 
  • Intensity: Full-bodied
  • Dominant aroma: Spices
  • Tasting occasion: Aperitif wine
Cognac XO Hennessy
Cognac XO Hennessy

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Cognac XO Hennessy

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