Condrieu Pichon 1994

  • Candied fruit
  • Gastronomic wine
  • Color:White
  • 13% 
  • 0.75L
  • Intensity
  • Rich

Ce séduisant condrieu se caractérise par son parfum de chèvrefeuille, de violette, de pêche et d’abricot. A boire jeune, il marie avec perfection élégance et finesse. More info

  • Quantity: 1 Bottle
  • Level: 1 3cm
  • Label: 1 very slightly scuffed label, 1 slightly marked label

Condrieu Pichonserve at a temperature of 12°C. It will pair perfectly with the following dishes: Foie gras, Quenelles de brochet, Saumon.

Peak: To drink

  • Vintage score: 18/20
  • Lot presentation
    Condrieu Pichon

    Cuvée presentation

    The Condrieu appellation lies 10km to the south of Vienna on the right bank of the Rhône. The area only covers 105 hectares. Made from Viognier, a rare, sensitive grape variety that was originally Dalmatian, wines made in the Condrieu appellation have garnered an international reputation amongst wine connoisseurs.

    Often a victim of history, the vineyard almost disappeared on several occasions, during the time of the Barbarian invasions, at the end of the 19th century with the emergence of phylloxera, and in the 1930s with the economic crisis. Many estates that are renowned today (Jamet and Clusel Roch, for example) were, until relatively recently, planted with fruit trees - agricultural activity that was often more profitable than wine-making. Viognier is a delicate grape variety to work with, and requires total mastery of yields and the perfect level of maturity through which to fully express its aromas.

    The vines are located on steep granitic slopes overlooking the river - a location that does not allow the use of mechanical methods. Despite these constraints, some producers truly stand out and produce wonderful Condrieu wines, featuring alluring flavours of honeysuckle, violet, peach and apricot. High in alcohol content with a delicious fruity quality, they combine finesse and elegance beautifully, and should be enjoyed while young.

    Detailed characteristics

    • Quantity: 1 Bottle
    • Level: 1 3cm
    • Label: 1 very slightly scuffed label, 1 slightly marked label
    • Origin: Private individual
    • Type of cellar: Classic underground cellar
    • Recoverable VAT: No
    • Original Wooden Case / Original Case: No
    • French customs seal: yes
    • Alcohol percentage: 13 %
    • Country/Region: Rhône
    • Appellation/Wine: Condrieu
    • Vintage: 1994
    • Color: White
    • Peak: To drink
    • Service temperature: 12°
    • Viticulture: Conventional 
    • Size (in ha): 105
    • Volume: 2100 hectolitres
    • Intensity: Rich
    • Dominant aroma: Candied fruit
    • Tasting occasion: Gastronomic wine
    • Grape variety: 100% Viognier
    Condrieu Pichon
    Condrieu Pichon

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    Condrieu Pichon 1994

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