Palacios - Herencia Remondo

Palacios - Herencia Remondo

Domain: Palacios - Herencia Remondo

The Palacios Remondo family can boast a winemaking pedigree dating back to 1651. Today, Alvaro Palacios is at the helm of the family domaine and produces some of Spain’s finest wines. Voted Spain’s most sensational wine producer by Wine Spectator, Alvaro Palacios places particular emphasis on vine management and avoids the use of chemicals wherever possible. His wines have big personalities, just like the man himself.

Palacios - Herencia Remondo: All wines from this producer

Palacios - Herencia Remondo: All wines from this producer

Rioja  La Montesa Crianza

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Wine name Vintage Price

Rioja La Montesa Crianza


13 Price estimate statistics 2012

Rioja Propiedad


24 Price estimate statistics 2010
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