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Midleton in County Cork is Ireland's largest distillery. It was founded in 1825 by brothers James, Daniel and Jeremiah Murphy. In 1966, the groups Jameson, Powers, and Cork Distillers merged to form Irish Distillers. In 1975, the Powers and Jameson distilleries were closed and a new distillery opened next to Midleton to centralize and optimize production for the various brands. The old distillery then closed and Midleton became the only distillery in Ireland until Cooley opened two years later. The focus then turned to the Jameson blend to the detriment of the single pot stills that have gradually come back into fashion in recent years.

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Bow St Jameson
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Midleton Of. Very Rare bottled in 2006 Strictly Limited - Midleton (Brown)

Midleton Very Rare is a blend created by Jameson’ master distiller Barry Crockett. Featuring whiskeys aged between 12 and 20 years, matured in bourbon casks, it has been released in limited quantities... All prices

Midleton Of. Very Rare bottled in 2011 - Midleton (Brown)

An Irish whiskey from the Midleton distillery bottled in 2011 with the approval of master distiller Barry Crockett. All prices

Jameson 12 years Of. Bow Street Distillery Distiller's Selection - Jameson (Brown)

A Jameson 12 Year Old Irish whiskey normally only available at the distillery. All prices

Jameson Of. Soffiantino Import - Jameson (Brown)

A Jameson Irish whiskey imported to Italy by Soffiantino in the 1970s. This edition was released just after Jameson, John Power & Son and Cork Distilleries merged to create Irish Distillers in 1966. I... All prices

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