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The Lemorton estate is a family-run estate in Mantilly, Le Domfrontais. It is home to a hundred hectares planted with some forty varieties of tall apple and pear trees—as Calvados Domfrontais uses a large share of at least 30% pears. Didier and Martin Lemorton are the current owners, with Didier following in the footsteps of his father Roger and grandfather Isidore Lemorton. The estate produces several Calvados, as well as various highly sought-after vintage Calvados.

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Lemorton 1926 Of. Vieux Calvados du Domfrontais Grande Réserve - Lemorton (Brown)

A Lemorton Calvados distilled in 1926 and bottled in the 1990s. This is a Domfrontais Calvados made from 70% pears and only 30% apples. The Calvados Domfrontais appellation has had its own PDO since 1... All prices

Lemorton 1973 Of. Vieux Calvados du Domfrontais Réserve - Lemorton (Brown)

A Lemorton Domfrontais calvados distilled in 1973. All prices

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