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  1. Online Auctions & Fixed-Price Sales:
    iDealwine organises two Online Auctions every month. Thanks to our unique access to the French cellars, you can choose between thousands of different wines on offer, including some very rare bottles and vintages.
    iDealwine also conducts three Fixed-Price Sales per month, with wines sourced directly from the producers and top professional cellars.
  2. Very Attractive Prices
    Bid online and fix your limit.
  3. A Wide Range of Vintages
    Looking for mature, ready to drink wines, or a specific vintage for that special birthday? Browse iDealwine’s sales for bottles spanning the last century!
  4. Reliable Sourcing
    All bottles at our Online Auctions are sourced from private or professional cellars in Europe. Each bottle is checked by our specialist team before auction. With more than 15 years of experience and thousands of bottles checked monthly by our team, you can trust our savoir-faire.
  5. Easy Shipping to Asia
    We provide a door-to-door delivery service to Hong Kong from France, using temperature controlled air-freight. Receive your wines within 15 working days for only €90 for 12 bottles. Deliveries to Singapore and Japan are also available upon request.
    *Please note, no spirits can be shipped to Asia  

If you have any questions, please contact our Hong Kong office, we are happy to help (French and English speaking only)

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