Château Ausone prices

When young, Château Ausone's wines have a light colour and fairly hard tannins, but the informed wine enthusiast will not be deceived: these great wines are made to have an exceptional capacity to age and will only soften after 15 or 20 years in the cellar, when they reveal a wonderful aromatic bouquet of spices, mocha, toast and minerals.

Château Ausone price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château Ausone2015 984€66Details
Château Ausone2014 476€46Details
Château Ausone2013 435€66Details
Château Ausone2012 462€08Details
Château Ausone2011 579€60Details
Château Ausone2010 1447€30Details
Château Ausone2009 1070€26Details
Château Ausone2008 553€04Details
Château Ausone2007 395€20Details
Château Ausone2006 572€22Details
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