Château Filhot prices

Fruitier and more fragrant than most other Sauternes wines, this wine is aged in old barrels that lend it incomparable finesse.

Château Filhot price by vintage
The iDealwine® Auction Price
Wine name Vintage Price
Château Filhot2015 24Details
Château Filhot2014 17Details
Château Filhot2013 20Details
Château Filhot2012 22€28Details
Château Filhot2011 20€67Details
Château Filhot2010 18€89Details
Château Filhot2009 30€40Details
Château Filhot2008 22€22Details
Château Filhot2007 24€58Details
Château Filhot2006 25€01Details
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