Château Guiraud prices

Guiraud is a flamboyant Sauternes: rich in liqueur, very aromatic but perfectly balanced. When young, it develops tropical and citrus fruit aromas. After a few years, it expresses saffron and bitter orange marmalade notes. It is a superb wine that ages gracefully.

Château Guiraud price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château Guiraud2015 36Details
Château Guiraud2014 30€44Details
Château Guiraud2013 34€82Details
Château Guiraud2012 42€56Details
Château Guiraud2011 36€46Details
Château Guiraud2010 38€07Details
Château Guiraud2009 52€01Details
Château Guiraud2008 41€72Details
Château Guiraud2007 36€48Details
Château Guiraud2006 30€24Details
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