Château Haut Brion prices

Haut-Brion’s red wine is classified twice: in the 1885 classification and in the red classification. However its white wine Is not classified although it is Bordeaux’s greatest white wine. Featuring a very original structure, the Haut-Brion white clearly stands out from other Bordeaux dry white wines. A tribute to complexity, it combines the creaminess, smoothness and mellowness of Sémillon with the fruitiness and freshness of a ripe Sauvignon. It offers an inimitable nose of freshness with dominant notes of aniseed, fresh lime blossom and verbena. It unfurls an incredibly lively fruitiness on the palate, giving way to a smooth structure. Over time, the combination of these different sensations result in aromas similar to the ones of fortified wines. A magnificent cru.

Château Haut Brion price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château Haut Brion2015 815Details
Château Haut Brion2014 570€56Details
Château Haut Brion2013 583€68Details
Château Haut Brion2012 774€13Details
Château Haut Brion2011 703€30Details
Château Haut Brion2010 972€74Details
Château Haut Brion2009 888€72Details
Château Haut Brion2008 485€72Details
Château Haut Brion2007 500€59Details
Château Haut Brion2006 439€52Details
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