Château la Dominique prices

The new tool has provided La Dominique with the means to its ambitions. Richly-coloured, intense, very ripe and full-bodied, this wine deserves better than its current classification. Note that a micro-vineyard has been created, Saint Domingue, planted exclusively with Merlot; the wines are produced with the same care as La Dominique. Of a very high standard, only 6,000 bottles are made a year.

Château la Dominique price by vintage
The iDealwine® Auction Price
Wine name Vintage Price
Château la Dominique2015 43€12Details
Château la Dominique2014 29€12Details
Château la Dominique2013 25€58Details
Château la Dominique2012 30€70Details
Château la Dominique2011 28€86Details
Château la Dominique2010 50€55Details
Château la Dominique2009 56€49Details
Château la Dominique2008 35€40Details
Château la Dominique2007 28€13Details
Château la Dominique2006 30€53Details
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