Château Lascombes prices

These are well-rounded, concentrated wines with a great deal of charm. Owned by the Colony Capital investment fund since 2001, the property was sold to the Health Insurance company MACSF in 2011.

Château Lascombes price by vintage
The iDealwine® Auction Price
Wine name Vintage Price
Château Lascombes2016 55Details
Château Lascombes2015 53€21Details
Château Lascombes2014 47€89Details
Château Lascombes2013 43€66Details
Château Lascombes2012 56€44Details
Château Lascombes2011 53€21Details
Château Lascombes2010 73€68Details
Château Lascombes2009 81€73Details
Château Lascombes2008 47€18Details
Château Lascombes2007 36€84Details
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