Château Latour prices

Latour's wines show exemplary consistency, whatever the quality of the vintage. Firm, tannic and concentrated in their youth, they require long cellaring to reveal the full depth of their power and extraordinary richness. When perfectly mature, the wine has an incredible bouquet of blackcurrants, hazelnuts and leather. A monumental wine.

Château Latour price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château Latour2011 530€24Details
Château Latour2010 1261€70Details
Château Latour2009 1019€24Details
Château Latour2008 437€76Details
Château Latour2007 362€37Details
Château Latour2006 431€68Details
Château Latour2005 711€36Details
Château Latour2004 398€24Details
Château Latour2003 664€75Details
Château Latour2002 432€77Details
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