Château l'Église Clinet prices

The wines are aged for an average of 18 months in oak barrels, with a proportion of new wood that varies depending on the vintage. Eglise Clinet produces a maximum of 1500 cases each year, of a refined, distinguished wine, that reaches maturity after between five and fifteen years. Note that the property carries out a drastic selection procedure, not hesitating to downgrade a substantial proportion of the harvest for use in its second wine, La Petite Eglise, for which there is also great demand.

Château l'Église Clinet price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château l'Église Clinet2015 205€74Details
Château l'Église Clinet2014 153€47Details
Château l'Église Clinet2013 101€18Details
Château l'Église Clinet2012 213€11Details
Château l'Église Clinet2011 128€74Details
Château l'Église Clinet2010 338€16Details
Château l'Église Clinet2009 413€04Details
Château l'Église Clinet2008 145€92Details
Château l'Église Clinet2007 122€20Details
Château l'Église Clinet2006 145€92Details
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