Château l'Enclos prices

The wines are aged for 14 months in barrels, 40% of which are renewed each year. On tasting, the wine has a deep ruby colour, and takes a few years to express its full character, developing voluptuous notes of dark fruit (blackberries). Rich and velvety on the palate, it releases a complex, pleasantly spicy array of flavours.

Château l'Enclos price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château l'Enclos2015 24€68Details
Château l'Enclos2014 23€49Details
Château l'Enclos2013 22€16Details
Château l'Enclos2012 28€27Details
Château l'Enclos2010 41€84Details
Château l'Enclos2009 38€93Details
Château l'Enclos2008 19€30Details
Château l'Enclos2007 22€45Details
Château l'Enclos2006 24€25Details
Château l'Enclos2005 29€77Details
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