Château l'Évangile prices

Today, the new team harvests the grapes as late as possible, in order to obtain perfectly ripe grapes, with limited yields and ageing for 18 months in oak barrels that are 70% renewed each year. The ambition to raise l'Evangile to the appellation's front ranks seems to have been achieved: the wines have a superb richness, with a dark ruby colour and aromas of raspberries, blackberries, and sometimes liquorice; they also have an impressive capacity to age.

Château l'Évangile price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Château l'Évangile2015 185Details
Château l'Évangile2014 97€28Details
Château l'Évangile2013 97€28Details
Château l'Évangile2012 109€44Details
Château l'Évangile2011 121€60Details
Château l'Évangile2010 206€72Details
Château l'Évangile2009 295€95Details
Château l'Évangile2008 95€17Details
Château l'Évangile2007 85€96Details
Château l'Évangile2006 119€73Details
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