Château Montrose prices

Château Montrose produces wines of remarkable quality. The vineyard is planted on a poor soil of iron-rich gravel, which forces the vines to develop very deep roots. The result is wines of incredible concentration. The property is currently managed by Jean-Bernard Delmas, who previously practised his talents at Château Haut-Brion.

Château Montrose price by vintage
The iDealwine® Auction Price
Wine name Vintage Price
Château Montrose2015 122€80Details
Château Montrose2014 109€44Details
Château Montrose2013 72€96Details
Château Montrose2012 73€32Details
Château Montrose2011 72€96Details
Château Montrose2010 186€05Details
Château Montrose2009 245€60Details
Château Montrose2008 84€06Details
Château Montrose2007 61€40Details
Château Montrose2006 66€88Details
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