Domaine de Chevalier prices

The red wines (85% of production) are representative of their terroir and are very fine. They have a dark colour, and a bouquet that releases smoky, toasty notes. On the palate they are soft and rounded, with gentle, well-integrated tannins. A very high quality wine that should be kept for several years before drinking. After aging, this wine becomes copper-coloured and develop autumnal aromas.

Domaine de Chevalier price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Domaine de Chevalier2016 61€40Details
Domaine de Chevalier2015 63€25Details
Domaine de Chevalier2014 44€85Details
Domaine de Chevalier2013 38€69Details
Domaine de Chevalier2012 43€15Details
Domaine de Chevalier2011 42€85Details
Domaine de Chevalier2010 72€47Details
Domaine de Chevalier2009 74€70Details
Domaine de Chevalier2008 49€12Details
Domaine de Chevalier2007 46€05Details
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