Moulin des Carruades prices

Moulin des Carruades was one of the names given to the second Château Lafite Rothschild wine until the mid 1980s. Two names coexisted for a long time to describe the domaine’s second wine: Moulin des Carruades and Carruades de Lafite. In the 1985 vintage, the second wine was still being sold with the two names on the label, but from 1986 onwards, there was only one label and the Carruades de Lafite was retained.

Moulin des Carruades price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Moulin des Carruades1985 62€95Details
Moulin des Carruades1983 24€69Details
Moulin des Carruades1982 190€74Details
Moulin des Carruades1981 58€96Details
Moulin des Carruades1980 32€16Details
Moulin des Carruades1979 105€85Details
Moulin des Carruades1978 57€95Details
Moulin des Carruades1977 57€53Details
Moulin des Carruades1976 42€56Details
Moulin des Carruades1974 40€13Details
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