Information & scores : 1981 Burgundy

  • Red 14/20
  • White 15/20

Vintage description 1981 Burgundy

Two major climatic incidents disrupted this vintage: strong frosts at the end of April and hail which struck at the end of July in certain areas. Consequently, the harvest was reduced to 50 to 60% of the normal production. In their youth the red wines, made with grapes that were insufficiently ripe, lacked the fruit and balance of the 1980 wines. After a few years cellaring, they improved and developed a pervading yet strict aroma, in which fruit was often combined with spice and bark scents. Generally, these wines will not gain anything from further cellaring. The Chardonnay has matured quicker than normal, producing wines with more substance and better balanced than the previous vintage. However, they were less pleasing and stricter in their younger years. They took a long time to develop and assert themselves. They reached their peak in the 90's but the best ones can be kept a few more years without losing any of their present qualities.