Information & scores : 2011 South Rhone

  • Indifferent 16/20

Vintage description 2011 South Rhone

For Châteauneuf-du-Pape and southern Rhône appellations generally, 2011, with its back-to-front seasons, unsettled the vines slightly, but did not produce any specific problems, especially as the tail end of the season in September and October was particularly sunny. The only significant issue for wine growers was to keep a close eye on ripening in their various parcels as the year was quite uneven in this respect. This was less critical in these southern appellations where the climate on the whole is fairly fine and hot and the problem is well controlled in any case by top-flight wine growers. Compared to 2010, reds are more supple, but dense, less taut and more accessible when young, sometimes demonstrating slightly alcoholic hints. This was a year with average ageing potential and a pleasing flavour in the case of the best blends. Whites are well balanced, very fruity and boast a fine flavour, which makes it tempting to drink them young.