Information & scores : 2014 Alsace

  • Indifferent 16/20

Vintage description 2014 Alsace

Because of the damp summer, in 2014 Alsace suffered damage from two pests - drosophila melanogaster and drosophila suzukii. These insects, also known as "vinegar flies", attack the grapes, introducing sour rot and forcing winegrowers to destroy part of their harvest. Coloured grapes are particularly affected. On some Gewürztraminer parcels, 80% of the crop was lost.

After a very difficult summer, and out of fear of drosophila, some winegrowers decided to harvest early, not realising that the late summer would be exceptional. The standard is therefore mixed. Generic wines produced on the plain have suffered from inadequate ripening. Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris wines have very high acidity levels. In contrast, the Sylvaners and Rieslings are very impressive. Rieslings produced on the hillsides (predominantly grand crus) really stand out. There are also some very good Pinots Noirs with a fruity and immediate character, if they have not been aged in oak.

The climatic conditions reduced the volume of the harvest compared to the average for the last five years although output is better than it was in 2013.