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The history of this domain dates back to a lucky hand of cards won almost two centuries ago. The luck is all ours however, because now you can purchase both dry and sweet Maurys produced at this illustrious winery.

Mas Amiel comes from the name of an engineer who won 10 hectares of vines in 1816 during a card game. Protected to the north by the Corbières hills and to the south by the first slopes of the Pyrenees, Mas Amiel is located near the village of Maury and now spans 220 hectares, 152 of which are planted with vines. Truly part of the renaissance of the Maury appellation that saw winemakers invest to produce higher quality wines and become more ambitious in the sale of their wines. Since then, the vineyard was purchased by Olivier Decelle in 1999 (who also owns vineyards in Saint-Emilion and Fronsac), and it has continued to improve in quality. Dry wines have also made a comeback in Maury and at Mas Amiel (in which it played an important role), and the dry wines have since earned their own AOC and organic certification. Mas Amiel is certified organic and is in the process of converting to biodynamic certification.

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Mas Amiel

Mas Amiel
: All wines from this producer

Maury Mas Amiel Vintage Réserve - Maury (Red)

100% Grenache noir

This sweet wine is made of 100% Grenache Noir and comes from vines around 50 years old.

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Maury Mas Amiel

Maury Mas Amiel - Maury (Red)

90% Grenache Noir

A warm, full-bodied wine with exceptional freshness. A mythical wine produced by a domain which has contributed to the rebirth of this excellent appellation.

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Maury Mas Amiel 40 ans d'âge - Maury (Red)

90% Grenache noir, 5% Maccabeu, 5% Carignan.

Tasting a 40-year-old cuvée from a specialist in oxydated wines is quite an experience...

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Maury Mas Amiel Vintage - Maury (Red)

100% Grenache noir

A pure Grenache cuvée to pair with sweet and salty dishes.

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Maury Mas Amiel Millésime 85 - Maury (Red)

90% grenache noir, 5% Maccabeu, 5% Carignan

Un des plus grands vins doux naturels, un superbe vin de méditation aux arômes d'une complexité folle.

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Maury Mas Amiel Vintage Blanc - Maury (White)

100% grenache gris

Ce 100% grenache gris offre un joli mélange d'agrumes : pamplemousse, mandarine, pomelos…

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Maury Mas Amiel 30 ans d'âge - Maury (Red)

Carignan, Grenache noir, Macabeu

This cuvée was aged in Mas Amiel's famous carboy park. It is unexpectedly fresh.

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Maury Mas Amiel Vers Le Nord - Maury (Red)


This citrus-scented wine highlights the richness of the Devèze parcel it comes from.

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Maury Mas Amiel 20 ans d'âge - Maury (Red)

Carignan, Grenache noir, Macabeu

This cuvée has a sumptuous, amber colour which brings aromas of dried fig and gentle spice.

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Maury Mas Amiel Altitude 433M - Maury (Red)

Lladoner, Grenache noir

This magificent cuvée comes from the highest Mas Amiel parcels, an altitude of 433 metres!

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Côtes du Roussillon Mas Amiel Vertigo - Côtes du Roussillon (White)

Macabeu; Grenache, roussanne, marsanne

Quatre cépages méridionaux pour un blanc frais et croquant qui accompagne joliment du fromage de chèvre frais.

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Côtes du Roussillon Mas Amiel Vertigo - Côtes du Roussillon (Red),, carignan

Les sols de schistes apportent un éclat minéral à ce rouge fuité et solaire du Roussillon.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
Olivier Decelle immediately recognised the potential of Maury’s terroirs for producing dry, red wines, and he’s certainly succeeded in this. More than simple curiosities, these are fine wines at attainable prices with the capacity for wonderful gastronomic pairings.
  • Bettane & Desseauve
Whilst the production of naturally sweet wines has not been left behind, far from it, the spotlight has been turned towards some very modern dry wines, with a range spanning every style. An unmissable reference.

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