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Vega Sicilia

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Planted on mainly limestone soil similar to Burgundy, the Vega Sicilia vineyard is home to one of the world's greatest wines. This legendary wine has nothing to do with Sicily, and instead takes its name from the Santos Sicilia family who owned the vineyard before 1864, with Vega meaning `valley' in Spanish. From this date on, the major grape varieties of Bordeaux were added to the local variety, tempranillo. The Vega Sicilia's defining feature lies in its unique ageing process, which is a subject of much controversy. It is aged in large oak barrels from the very first year, and then decanted into different barrels of varying ages and sizes. Next comes an ageing period of five to ten years, allowing this phenomenally powerful wine's temperament to be softened. Some vintages were aged for over 25 years in barrels. Nowadays, the estate operates a more `traditional' ageing process of no more than ten or so years.


Vega Sicilia: All wines from this producer

Vega Sicilia: All wines from this producer

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