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In the heart of Jurançon, Camin Larredya has been producing superb dry and sweet nectars for some years now. It must be said that the owner Jean-Marc Grussaute strives to produce frank wines that reflect where they’re made. Thanks to tireless work, patience, discussion and tasting, this winemaker has propelled his domain to the top tier of the appellation, offering gems that are pure, generous and balanced by a delicious bitterness.

Jean-Marc Grussaute has successfully propelled this little Jurançon gem of a domaine to the top tier of the appellation with his eclectic output of dry and sweet white wines. The story goes that this domaine acquired in 1900 only began to cultivate vines in 1970, when Petit and Gros Manseng varieties were introduced. Jean-Marc Grussaute came to the family domaine 1988 to help out his mother. Today he has a dozen staff of his own. He uses organic techniques, and achieved certification in 2007. The grapes are harvested by hand and yields are small. In the vineyard and cellars, he focuses on letting the terroir express itself perfectly. This is a quintessential Pyrenean domaine which the iDealwine team wholeheartedly endorses, having sampled its wines on more than one occasion!

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Camin Larredya: All wines from this producer

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Jurançon La Part Davant


28 Price estimate statistics 2012

Jurançon La Part Davant


28 Price estimate statistics 2009
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