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Stéphane Ogier

Organic treatments, indigenous yeasts and short macerations are key for this big name in Côte-Rôtie. Stéphane Ogier crafts exciting wines for ageing, wines that receive some of the best tasting notes around, including 100/100 from Robert Parker. Buy wines of Stéphane Ogier

Stéphane Ogier

A Few words about the domain...

As this domain on the hillsides of Ampuis has been in the family for seven generations, it was perfectly natural for Stéphane Ogier to take over from his father Michel. Having learned his craft in Burgundy, he has decided to produce single parcel wines to achieve the best expression of each terroir. He also strives constantly for elegance and finesse. Today, the vines are planted on 27 hectares of granite and shale soil and cultivated sustainably. Tillage, organic treatments, no yeast and a short maceration process are the watchwords.

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