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Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio’s humble two-hectare domain now covers 52, becoming an icon of the Piedmontese wine world in the process. Densely-planted vines, local noble grapes, and meticulous vinification have helped his name become one of the best-reputed in the region. Buy wines of Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio

A Few words about the domain...

Roberto Voerzio, who belongs to a winemaking family, decided to go it alone in 1986 on a 2-hectare plot on the family vineyard. His domaine has gradually acquired a fine reputation for its quality wines, which offer a perfect combination of power and elegance. He is now one of the Barolo big hitters. Accomplished wine grower and skilful vintner Roberto Voerzio specialises in high-density planting and very low yields with a view to distilling the quintessence of his terroirs. He is known notably for creating the very opposite of powerful, extracted and woody wines. Voerzio reflects the ethos of combining modernity and tradition and his bottles are iconic and authentic.

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