Information & scores : 2009 Burgundy

  • White 16/20
  • Red 17/20

Vintage description 2009 Burgundy

Just like in Bordeaux, so too can the Burgundy vineyards rejoice, since 2009 is a very good vintage for them as well. The vines had good weather conditions throughout the entire vegetative cycle, with a hot and sunny summer. The grapes reached optimal ripeness in September with a good balance of sugar, acidity and aroma. The harvest was carried out in a fairly relaxed atmosphere thanks to the abolition of the ban des vendages (administrative authorisation to start the harvest), which meant that the grapes were all picked at the best possible moment. There were several outbreaks of disease in the spring but these were contained successfully and the hot weather that followed prevented the development of rot and reduced the risks of further disease.

White Wines

Their aromatic profile shows a promising future. They are round and ample with a lively attack. The terroirs are all very different this year.

Red Wines

They are clear and deep-coloured wines with aromas of ripe red and black fruits, somewhat immature for the moment but nevertheless promise to be very good. These wines have developed well on the palate with silky tannins and complexity. A feeling of fullness, enhanced by good length, dominates.