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Sell your wine in 4 easy steps
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1. Send us your wine inventory

For selling your cellar at auction or through a binding purchase, fill in the online form or send us your wine list by email. We'll send your valuation as soon as possible.
For an important list, you can also use the attached Excel file and send it to us directly at [email protected].


2. Shipment & expertise

Our team of specialists will collect, package and transport your wines to our warehouse in optimum conditions, or you can choose to drop the wines off yourself. Your wines will then be meticulously assessed, described, photographed and packaged by our specialists in the iDealwine Lab. After being assessed, each lot is packaged with a unique barcode and stored in our secure, air-conditioned and humidity-controlled warehouse. This rigorous, very high-quality process patented by iDealwine is key to successfully selling your wine.

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3. Sale

Each auction on iDealwine lasts around 10 days. 3 to 4 auctions organized per month, giving your wines an exposure of more than 650,000 potential buyers from the whole world. This unique exposure allows you to sell your wines for the best price and in the most secure conditions, thanks to our status as authorized auctioneers.


4. Payment

Auctions: your wines’ auction results are sent to you 24 hours after the end of the sale. You are guaranteed payment within 35 days of this date.
If you sell your wines directly to iDealwine, you will receive payment immediately after your wines have been authenticated.


When selling your wines through iDealwine you will benefit from:

  • Over 18 years of experience from France's largest fine wine auctioneer
  • A free valuation based on actual market price
  • Integrated solutions (transport, storage, sale and payment)
  • Unique and worldwide exposure
  • A guaranteed and quick payment
  • Blockchain WineDex : security, traceability, and authentication of your wines


Sell wine Pouilly Fumé Silex Dagueneau 1996
Pouilly Fumé Silex Dagueneau 1996
Sold at auction for €4 092 (+300%) 1 Double-Magnum
Sell wine Meursault Les Narvaux Domaine d'Auvenay 1999
Meursault Les Narvaux Domaine d'Auvenay 1999

Sold at auction for €7 440 (+285%) 1 Bottle
Sell wine Caisse Collection Lieux Dits Jacques Selosse
Caisse Collection Lieux Dits Jacques Selosse
Sold at auction for €4 712 (+45%) 1 Bottle

frequently asked questions

  • Why sell my wines online with iDealwine?

    Whether you are looking to sell collectible wine, old vintages, or simply good wines, iDealwine is the best site to do so, by auction or direct purchase, in France and abroad. It is indeed, through International Wine Auction, Voluntary Sales Operator (auctioneer) and subsidiary of iDealwine, the first wine auction house in France, appreciated by more than 600 000 wine lovers in 60 countries. iDealwine is the reference for the quotation, the resale and the purchase of great wines.

  • Online auction or binding purchase: what's the difference?

    iDealwine will give you a valuation of your wines based on previous results at auction. If you require faster payment you can request a binding purchase. For binding purchases, the price offered is the lowest estimate minus the sales commission.

  • What is the estimate based on?

    The iDealwine price estimate is regularly updated and is an average calculated from most recent auction. It consists of the hammer price and the buyer's premium.

  • At auction, who sets the reserve (starting auction price)?

    The reserve price is the starting auction price for a lot, i.e. the price below which a lot cannot be sold. This reserve price is automatically set as the low estimate provided. The vendor can set a reserve below the lower estimate, or opt not to set any reserve. In the latter case, the auction starting price will be fixed at €1 to encourage competition between bidders, which is very popular with wine enthusiasts.

  • How much is the seller's commission?

    At auction, you are charged seller’s commission once your wines have been sold and before payment is settled. It includes the cost of expertise, insurance and wine storage prior to sale. It also considers iDealwine’s advertisement of your wine to its global customer base (55 countries).

  • Where and how is my wine stored once it has been estimated?

    At every stage of the sale (from receipt to dispatch) the bottles are stored in a secure facility at an appropriate temperature. iDealwine holds an insurance policy covering wine stored on behalf of a third party.

  • How long does the auction last?

    Each auction sale lasts approximately ten days. During this period, your wine will be given prominent exposure and high visibility on our website.

  • Can I track the sale of my wines in real time?

    You can follow your wines throughout the sale. You can use your account to track bids on each of your lots in real time.

  • What are the payment terms?

    iDealwine makes a commitment to complete the transaction promptly once a buyer has been found, and payment is guaranteed. You will be paid by cheque within 35 days of the end of the auction sale or alternatively you can send your bank details by email to [email protected] or by fax to +33 1 56 05 86 11 if you wish to be paid by bank transfer. For binding purchase, payment will be made immediately by cheque or bank transfer as soon as the wines have been checked. The estimate submitted to you are based on auction results minus the buyers's premium. For wines which are not listed, the estimate is an average market prices based on a panel of leading wine merchants.

  • Who is responsible for transporting the wine ?

    For the transit of your bottles to iDealwine, you can choose from 3 options:
    1- Drop off your bottles at our storage warehouse: you can drop off your bottles directly in our warehouse by making an appointment with our Selling Team on +33 1 56 05 86 19 at least 72h in advance, bringing an identity document with you. We ask that you send a complete list of the wines you’re selling, agreed in advance by the Selling Team, by email to [email protected] or by fax on 01 56 05 86 11.
    2- Pick up by iDealwine (we will give a cost estimate for this within a few days of request)
    3- Transport by post through our trusted partners or by your own means

    There are several transport solutions for France and abroad:
    1- Special, pre-paid packaging and labels for Colissimo shipment (only for France). Shipping costs are for you to manage.
    2- All-inclusive solution: pick up from your home and transport by iDealwine or one of our partners (specialist courier).
    3- Transport organised yourself: find a courier. In this case, we recommend that you check the courier is qualified to transport wine, and to make sure you have insurance to the value of the bottles (ad-valorem).
    4- You must give us all the necessary information about the wines you are transporting before they are sent, so that we can verify the delivery on its arrival. Our teams are available to advise you on the best solution.

  • How much will it cost for my wines to be picked up?

    The transport cost will vary depending on the quantity and value of the bottles you are selling, as well as your location. Our teams are at your service to provide a quote. You can equally choose to deliver the bottles yourself, or to have them delivered by a courier of your choice.

  • Are the wines insured during transport?

    All of our transportation is value insured (ad valorem insurance). In the case of an accident during transport, your wines are reimbursed at the median value of the estimation given (between the high and low estimate).

  • Should I prepare specific packaging for transport?

    Whatever mode of transport is chosen, the wines have to travel in adapted packaging. In the case that you choose Colissimo or collection by iDealwine, we will provide special packaging. If you choose any other option for sending, you must use adapted packaging (wooden cases or cardboard boxes). We can also provide you with these on request, the price of this service depending on the quantity and your location.

  • How will I know that my wine has been received?

    iDealwine will inform you by email when your wine is received. Once the bottles have been verified, you will receive confirmation of handover by email.

  • Can I fix a minimum price for the sale of my wines?

    During the evaluation of your cellar, iDealwine will give you a high and low estimate for each lot. The low estimate will be the reserve price during the auction. Our specialists reserve the right to review and, if necessary, lower the estimate price once the bottles are received if they do not conform to the description and/or photos provided. Your agreement will be required in order for the bottles to be put up for sale at a modified price. iDealwine also reserves the right to refuse to sell lots that have not been preserved in a satisfactory manner.

  • How will I know the result of my wines in the sale?

    Once the auction is closed, you will receive an email detailing the results for each of the lots up for sale.

  • What happens if some of my wines are not sold?

    If your wines don’t find a buyer during the sale, they are automatically entered into the next sale at no extra cost.

  • Can I take unsold lots back?

    Once the sale is closed, it is possible for you to pick up any bottles that haven’t been sold at no extra cost (apart from eventual transport costs). To do this you have to make an appointment with the Selling Team ([email protected] [email protected]) at least 72 hours before the desired collection date.