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Why choose wine or spirits as a corporate gift?

Grands crus, older vintages, large formats, Champagne, whiskies, cognacs, armagnacs, rare wines, or simply a good bottle: the choice of corporate gifts is so great that you’re bound to find the perfect bottle, whoever the person and whatever the context. Wines and spirits are indeed an excellent idea for a corporate gift as these drinks are so well-regarded in today’s societies – on almost every continent – carrying real meaning and appealing to the collective imagination. Wines and spirits evoke pleasant tasting experiences and are often associated with the world of gastronomy – in short, a picture of indulgence, conviviality and warmth. A symbol of unity, allowing people to come together in good spirit, but also of France’s tradition and heritage. So a great idea to give to professionals from all over the world. Finally, these drinks have that luxury edge, they are prestigious, carefully crafted products. A present with many connotations, then, and perfect as a corporate gift, where the goal is generally to express thanks and maintain strong relations.

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The best selection of wines for a corporate gift?

The selection of wines and spirits offered at iDealwine caters to all tastes, with prestigious and luxury corporate gifts as well as some at fantastic prices for the quality of their origins.

All of the finest winemaking regions are represented: so you can take your pick from our selection of Bordeaux’s best, the grands crus of Burgundy, as well as favourites from further afield. Without forgetting the Champagne region which offers both vintage and non-vintage classic cuvées.

Our wines and spirits are sourced straight from their domains and offered at very attractive prices. You’ll discover a magnificent selection of champagnes, dry white wines, great reds and spirits (whisky, cognac, armagnac). iDealwine being specialist in rare fine wines and mature vintages, the range is exceptional, including the most prestigious names such as Château Yquem, Louis Roederer’s Cristal Champagne, or even a cuvée from the Hospices de Beaune; several cuvées are available in mature or ready to drink vintages.

Bespoke service and guidance throughout

Lacking inspiration in choosing the right wine or spirit for somebody? You can turn to the trustworthy advice of our experts to guide you in your search for the perfect corporate gift. Our team of passionate wine enthusiasts take utmost care in presenting and describing each bottle up for sale on iDealwine. You can make your choice with your eyes closed (or nearly) as though you’d already tried the wine proposed. Whatever you choose will be sent to its destination with a detailed explanatory note which describes the wine and advises on how it should be enjoyed, for a more complete and attentive experience.

For these prestigious corporate gifts, iDealwine of course provides a bespoke service, with the option to personalise your present by adding a greetings card or a personal message. You can also contact our team for any other kind of service: we will adapt to your needs. So there’s no need to hesitate any longer – opt for wine as a corporate gift, and you will be sure to please.

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