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        Wine for sale: Arnaud Ente

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        Photo d'arrière plan en noir et blanc montrant la lumière du soleil à travers des vignes

        Arnaud Ente

        Arnaud Ente is a small winemaker (but not for long!) who cultivates his 4 hectares of vineyard with his wife and just two wine-growers. His remarkable work has been hailed as he was named "Man of the Year" 2013 by the Guide Bettane and Desseauve. His work remains extremely faithful to the Burgundian tradition. It is no coincidence that this wine was chosen for this prestigious honour. According to Michel Bettane, "Arnaud Ente has achieved mastery in viticulture and winemaking. I think they are the most successful Chardonnays in terms of overall balance and work, in all of Burgundy, and maybe even worldwide. He is an exceptional talent". We get it: Arnaud Ente is Michel Bettane’s real favourite


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