Wine for sale: Clos des Lunes

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Clos des Lunes

This estate is highly unusual in that it only produces dry white wines in an area known for its sweet dessert wines. A bold gamble from its owner, Olivier Bernard, who promises enthusiasts will love Clos des Lunes to the moon (and back!) A bet that paid off!

Located in the Sauternes region, the Clos des Lunes was bought in 2011 by Olivier Bernard,  who already owned Domaine de Chevalier, Domaine de la Solitude and Lespault Martillac (Pessac-Léognan). It produces dry white wines, which is particularly unusual for an estate located in the Sauternes region. Three cuvées are elaborated here: Lune Blanche, Lune d’Argent and Lune d’Or. An audacious move that sets a new chapter in Bordeaux wines! As Olivier Bernard puts it so well, "I intend to write a different story, that of a great, a truly great dry white wine."
The vines stretch over 60 hectares of uniquely rich, multi-faceted terroirs. The grapes are harvested by hand, in the early hours of the morning to preserve the freshness and quality of the berries. The estate is in the process of converting to organic cultivation practices. The two main grape varieties grown here are Semillon (70%) and Sauvignon Blanc (30%). Traditional methods infused with a natural approach apply in both the vineyard and the winery. The idea is to combine the expertise of Chevalier with the exceptional terroir of Clos des Lunes.

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