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The iDealwine® Auction Price

  • The iDealwine Auction Price Estimate is, today, the ultimate reference in the wine auction market to find price of wine for each vintage.
  • The iDealwine Auction Price Estimate is based on a unique database of more than 3 million prices registered in French auctions since 1992.
    All price estimates are updated weekly according to the latest results, and the iDealwine Auction Price Estimate includes the buyer's fees deducted at auction. The buyer can therefore obtain a realistic estimation of the price he/she will have to pay in order to buy the wine.
    The seller can obtain an estimation of the price he/she will gain from the sale (in order to do so, it's necessary to deduct the fees from iDealwine Auction Price Estimate)

  • This estimate is calculated using an algorithm created by iDealwine in 2000. If fewer auctions take place during a certain period (particularly for old vintages), the price will be readjusted every year: the price will be weighted by the average evolution of other wines of a similar appellation and vintage.

  • Unlike most comparison websites, which calculate the price of a wine based on just its current market price (not necessarily the price it is sold at), the iDealwine Auction Price Estimate calculates an average from recent transactions at auction.

  • The iDealwine Auction Price Estimate is used by almost 500,000 wine enthusiasts worldwide and is often mentioned in the media, including in La Revue du Vin de France, Bettane+Desseauve, The Drinks Business, the TV show Intégrale Placement on BFMTV and the Boursorama website.


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