iDealwine's storage cellar

Introducing our wine storage service, an all-inclusive option for private and professional buyers alike.

If you need a place to store your wine, youre in the right place, with our all-inclusive, simple, and digitalised solution. We can stock your bottles in our professional cellar, and in just a few clicks you can have them delivered, make an appointment to collect them, or even put them up for auction on our website!

Cave de stockage iDealwine

Ideal conditions for storage and ageing

iDealwine's cellar, located in the French region of Champagne, is perfectly adapted to keeping your wine in top condition: the temperature is kept between 12 and 14°C throughout the year, humidity levels are controlled at 70%, and the bottles aren’t disturbed by light or movement. Wine is our great passion and taking care of yours is something we’re proud to do well!

Your wine is safe with us

Our cellar is entirely secure and equipped with video surveillance. The bottles inside are insured and refunded in the case of damage.
Once you would like any of your bottles to be delivered, our shipment is specialised with packaging adapted to transporting wine (protection from shock and temperature changes), and an efficient service from cellar to door.
Of course, what we’re offering is storage; your bottles remain your property throughout.

Your wines are assessed and photographed

All the bottles you wish to keep in our cellar will be assessed and photographed; if bought from iDealwine, this information will already be available. If purchased elsewhere, our expertise team will assess the bottles before putting them in the cellar. This service is part of our storage offer, allowing you to check the condition and authenticity of your wine, or indeed to sell it on quickly and easily if you so wish.

An all-inclusive solution

Our storage cellar is a comprehensive and easy-to-use service. You can stock and age any of your wines with us, whether purchased directly from iDealwine or not. Once your bottles are in our care, everything can be managed easily via your iDealwine account. You’ll be able to organise delivery, collection, and selling on your bottles in just a few clicks.

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