iDealwine’s “Foire aux Vins”

The story behind the Foire aux Vins

The Foire aux Vins is an unmissable date in any wine lover’s calendar, eagerly awaited every year for the opportunity it offers to get a bargain. It was launched in 4th November 1973 by the E. Leclerc brand. While these days, it’s easy to find wine – and even fine wines – in supermarkets, this wasn’t the case a few decades ago. There were only ‘vins de table’, wines deemed of fairly poor quality. Driven by the ambition to make wine more accessible to the general public, this well-known supermarket decided to launch a wine fair, the Foire aux Vins, and the rest is history! Lots of websites now participate in the Foire aux Vins, and iDealwine is no exception. The Foire aux Vins at iDealwine is more just than a period of sales; rather the fruit of hard work from our team who strives to curate the finest selection of wines, including our favourites, at the best prices.




Puzzle la Foire aux vins 2019

What is the Foire aux Vins?

Every September, the Foire aux Vins is an annual opportunity for wine lovers to buy wines at bargain prices upon returning from their summer holidays. While it’s true that Bordeaux once dominated the shelves, it’s now well balanced out by wines from regions that are equally attractive and prestigious.

iDealwine’s Foire aux Vins

Every year, iDealwine goes all out, offering over 200 different references for sale at very reasonable prices. This first-class selection is much-awaited by wine enthusiasts every year – with good reason! Mature vintages, grands crus, new gems, timeless classics and rare wines. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for with our selection of wines at less than €10 and a wide choice of bottles with a discount of between 10% and 30%.

This iDealwine Foire aux Vins is also a unique opportunity to make the most our other offers: for instance, the promo code FIRST, our referral system and loyalty program.

iDealwine’s Foire aux Vins – what they experts say

“Jean-François Ganevat’s Vin de France Le Zaune à Dédé – panic not, there’s still some left. But we’d like to point out is that it’s really rather rare for wines as rare as this to be on offer during the Foire aux Vins.”

Terre de Vins

“Ready-to-drink wines, but in limited quantities The site offers an excellent selection of 250 cuvées with discounts between 10 and 40%, which is particularly impressive given the selection of fine wines, such as the famous La La wines from Guigal (La Landonne, la Mouline, la Turque, €229 for the 2014 vintage), Pomerol Château l’Evangile 2012 (€105) orSassicaia 2014 (Italie, €134).”

Frédéric Durand-Bazin for Le Figaro Vin

“iDealwine’s Foire aux Vins: a selection of ready-to-drink vintages In terms of price, iDealwine’s selection is very well chosen, with affordable, good quality wines from each region; something to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. Guigal in the Rhône is a good example, with a choice of five cuvées ranging from 6.95 euros to 229 euros.”

11th Sept. 2019 Geoffrey Avé for

“Fine wine at iDealwine: there won’t be enough for everyone The selection includes over a hundred rare, specialist wines and top-class labels from Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhône, Italy, Portugal, the list goes on.”