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Elisabetta Foradori

Let’s head to north Italy to discover the biggest name in Trentino: Elisabetta Foradori. This biodynamic domain produces wine from forgotten, local varietals, some of which are even matured in amphora! This is one of our personal favourites… Buy wines of Elisabetta Foradori

Elisabetta Foradori

A Few words about the domain...

Elisabetta Foradori is part of a whole movement of Italian winemakers who have sought to re-establish a relationship with the earth through their eco-friendly viticulture. When her father passed away in 1984, Elisabetta Foradori (at the age of just 20) took up the 26 hectares that make up the family domain, which was created in 1901 and is found at the foot of the Dolomites in northern Italy. She has returned the regional Teroldego grape to its former glory. Uninspired by methods that seek quantity over quality, she converted to biodynamics in 2002 (Demeter certification in 2009) with the aim of bringing a certain purity to her wines. In recent years, she has made it her project to revive another varietal, the Nosiola grape. Always striving for a strong identity in her wines, she even vinifies certain cuvées in amphora and terracotta containers. Today, this domain is undoubtedly the most renowned in the Trentino region – the wine made here is truly exceptional.


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