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Le Puy

Featured in the famous manga book ‘Les Gouttes de Dieu’, Château Le Puy is now one of Bordeaux’s unmissable domains: natural wines with a deep, energetic and fruity profile. Buy wines of Le Puy

Le Puy

A Few words about the domain...

The Amoreau family have been making wine since 1610, between Libourne and Bergerac. Château Le Puy is undoubtedly one of Bordeaux's most innovative estates; the vines are grown biodynamically, new wood has always been banned, and the producers use very little sulphur during production. Their cuvées are quite the opposite of standardised, with a pleasant rustic profile and an easy-drinking side that might be surprising for a Bordeaux. Such qualities have been roundly lauded since the 2003 vintage was called the best wine in the world by the famous Japanese manga comic ‘Les Gouttes de Dieu'. Here, originality is a family tradition, and they are even pushing for the creation of their own “Le Puy” appellation. One to watch!

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