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Clos des Treilles

We head to Anjou to discover an exceptional domain that is known only by seasoned wine enthusiasts. Since the arrival of former pianist Nicolas Réau in 2002, this unique terroir has been showcased by organic agriculture and natural vinifications. The result? Refined wines that are redolent with sweet fruit. One to watch! Buy wines of Clos des Treilles

Clos des Treilles

A Few words about the domain...

Nicolas Réau settled at Clos des Treilles in 2002. This 7-hectare domain is in the Anjou appellation. The name comes from a 2-hectare Clos that dates back several centuries. Located on a major fault line where the Armorican Massif meets the Paris basin, the domain's terroir is rich with 180 million years of geological history, with rich, complex sub-soils. Nicolas is a former pianist; he decided to give up music in favour of wine, more specifically natural wine. The domain obtained organic certification in 2012; it favours 3-week long macerations and natural yeasts which contribute to the high quality of wines produced. This vigneron is a talented producer who, year after year, produces very fine natural wines.

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