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Albert Mann

A jewel of Alsace and true ambassador of French viticulture, domain Albert Mann is big name in terms of fine biodynamic, terroir-driven wines. This historic family domain in Wettolsheim, in the heart Alsace, charms with its elegance and rare depth. Buy wines of Albert Mann

Albert Mann

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Domain Albert Mann is a historic Alsatian domain. It is the result of two families coming together: the Mann family, winemakers since the 17th century, and the Barthelmé, the current owners, winemakers since 1654. Located in Wettolsheim in the Haut-Rhin, in the heart of Alsace, the domain spans 24 hectares, a third of which are grands crus. The Barthelmé brothers, Maurice and Jacky, are now at the helm of the domain. The vineyards have been cultivated according to biodynamic principles since 1997, though certification wasn’t obtained until 2010. Meticulous work is carried out in the vineyards, with much focus on replanting vines through massal selection, so as to increase the vineyard’s diversity. The parcels are tilled, and several biodynamic preparations are used. In the winery, the vinifications are ‘hands off’, as the producers strive to achieve maximal finesse. The red wines are raised in Burgundian barrels. This domain is now known as one of the finest in Alsace; its elegant, racy wines are sought after for their digestible profile, complexity and depth.


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