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Domaine de Terrebrune

Considered a ‘monument of Provence’ by Olivier Poussier – winner of the World’s Best Sommelier award – Terrebrune is a domain with a story that brings us back to the essential of winemaking: the meeting of a grape variety, a certain climate, a beautiful terroir, and people with a capacity to craft something superb. Buy wines of Domaine de Terrebrune

Domaine de Terrebrune

A Few words about the domain...

Founded at the end of the 1960s, Domaine de Terrebrune is located at the far south-east of Provence’s Bandol appellation, in the commune of Ollioule. A nature-friendly ethos is applied across the 30 hectares of vineyard, and the plants are thus cultivated organically. The soil there is rich in marl, clay, and chalk, conferring a singular character to the resulting wine. The red has a certain freshness that balances out the heat of a typical southern wine. As for the white and rosé cuvées, they can be aged for up to a decade in the cellar. Every year, almost 120,000 bottles are produced under the capable hands of Jean d’Arthuys, with wines made from Grenache noir, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre in red, and Marsanne, Rolle, Ugni blanc, Bourboulenc, and Clairette in white.

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