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Clos Canarelli

Clos Canarelli is one of Corsica’s most emblematic and dynamic domains. Biodynamic for several years now, it is known for its use of old, native grape varieties and vines that date back to before the phylloxera crisis, as well as for its masterful vinifications carried out, in part, in amphorae.

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Clos Canarelli is one of Corsica's most emblematic domains thanks to the exceptional quality of its red and white wines but it is also one of the most innovative. Yves Canarelli has turned this family property into one of Corsica's most dynamic domains. It consists of 25 hectares spread out over the Figari appellation, one of France’s sunniest winemaking regions. The wind and the proximity to the mountains, however, allow the vines to produce chiselled and balanced wines. Yves takes a great interest in Ampelography, the study of grapevines, and the vines been cultivated biodynamically for several years. Yves has also managed to reintroduce some forgotten native grape varieties such as Bianco Gentile, Carcaghjolu and Minustellu, but the domain's achievements don't stop there. Since 2009, Canarelli has produced a red wine from some vines in the village of Orazi that date back to before the phylloxera crisis: the Cuvée Terra d'Orazi is vinified in clay amphorae. Finally, in 2016, the domain was responsible for resurrecting the first Clos de Bonifacio, a limestone rich parcel located above Corsica’s most southern town.


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