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Discover one of the finest champagne grower-producers in the Côte des Bar. This small vineyard is located on the excellent terroir of Montgueux and is farmed biodynamically. In the winery, everything is done as naturally as possible and the wines are matured in casks. These top-drawer cuvées have a distinctive style, delivering an ample and suave texture and exotic notes.

Montgueux lies in between Côte de Sezanne and Côte des Bar. It is the only village in the Troyes region authorised to produce champagne. In the past, this chalky outcrop surrounded by plains was known as the “Montrachet" of the Champagne region. It has to be said that the Chardonnay expresses itself beautifully here and as in Montrachet, the grapes have to be very ripe. Emmanuel Lassaigne has skilfully continued the work of his father Jacques. Every cuvée shows that although it is off the beaten track, the village of Montgueux is well worth a detour. Domaine Jacques Lassaigne owns 5.5 hectares of vineyard. His son, Emanuel Lassaigne now manages the domain. These champagnes are full of character and fully express the terroir. Jacques Lassaigne is a firm believer in respecting nature and tends to each vineyard parcel meticulously. Chemical fertilisers and sulphites are avoided completely.


Jacques Lassaigne: All wines from this producer

Jacques Lassaigne: All wines from this producer

Jacques Lassaigne Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs
Jacques Lassaigne La Colline Inspirée
Jacques Lassaigne Le Cotet
Jacques Lassaigne Les Vignes de Montgueux

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