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This champagne house is coveted by wine enthusiasts. Renowned for its “700” cuvées, non-vintage champagnes but blends with a majority of a given vintage, Jacquesson is an emblematic name in the Champagne region. The key to their success? The hard, uncompromising work of the Chiquet brothers who fly the flag for organic agriculture and natural vinifications.

Jacquesson champagnes are a long established name and the house is one of the most reputed among connoisseurs. Claude Jacquesson founded the company in Dizy in 1798. From the very beginning its champagne was reputed to be the Emperor’s favourite (Napoleon 1). This was also the house which patented the cork wire in 1844 and helped establish Maison Krug. A succession of owners ran Maison Jacquesson until 1974 when it was acquired by the Chiquet family. Today, Jean Chiquet’s sons, Laurent and Jean-Hervé, run the company with panache. The vineyards are planted on around 30 hectares in Avize, Aÿ, Dizy and Hautvillers and complemented by regular and carefully selected supplies of bought-in grapes. Jacquesson champagnes have a strong personality (especially the single parcel cuvées) and stand out for their low sugar levels, intensity and distinction. This house has gradually become the standard bearer for high-quality champagne, expressing the illustrious potential of its terroirs with incredible fidelity, reducing dosage to a strict minimum and allowing its cuvées the time they need to mature before putting them on the market. Because of this, the wines (primarily vinified in wood and dosed at Extra-Brut level) always have a distinct and sometimes surprising character. Production has reduced considerably since the Chiquet family took over Maison Jacquesson. Every year, it gives its non-vintage Brut (BSA) a number - 738, 739 etc. This is a way to identify the style of each vintage and to encourage fans to age the wines. All Jacquesson cuvées age beautifully, whether late-disgorged or not. This sublime champagne house is one of our favourites in the region.


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Jacquesson: All wines from this producer

Jacquesson Brut Millésimé
Jacquesson Aÿ Vauzelle Terme
Jacquesson Dizy Corne Bautray
Jacquesson Avize Champ Caïn
Jacquesson Dizy Le Clos
Jacquesson Cuvée 735 DT (Dégorgement Tardif)
Jacquesson Dizy Terres Rouges
Jacquesson Cuvée 736
Jacquesson Cuvée 737
Jacquesson Cuvée 734
Jacquesson Cuvée 735
Jacquesson Cuvée 733
Jacquesson Cuvée 738

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