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Domain: Ardoisières (Domaine des)

We are delighted to shine a light on a relatively little-known but outstanding domain, a real favourite of the iDealwine team: Domaine des Ardoisières. This vineyard in the Savoy produces incredible wines of unparalleled freshness and elegance. Their repertoire of wines is not only very fairly-priced but will also open your eyes to unknown, exciting grape varieties.

The Domaine des Ardoisières was created ex nihilo in 1998 on land that had been planted with vines in Roman times, but which had not produced wine for centuries. Michel Grisard, one of the leading Savoyard producers, was the driving force behind the project for a long time, before handing it over to the current manager, Brice Omont. The vineyard is cultivated according to biodynamic principles and vinification is extremely natural with as little intervention as possible. The property produces three white wines and two reds. The "Schiste" cuvée (7,000 bottles) is produced from four traditional Savoyard varieties: Jacquère, Malvoisie, Roussanne and Mondeuse Blanche. The vines are grown on spectacular south-facing terraces, with small yields of 25 hl/ha. Vinification, with indigenous yeasts is carried out in barrels which have already been used for three to five wines.

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Ardoisières (Domaine des)

Ardoisières (Domaine des)
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IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cévins Quartz - IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cévins (White)

100% altesse

A unique cuvée, and probably one of the best expressions of Altesse around. Any lover of fine white wines simply must taste this at least once in their lifetime!

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IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cevins  Améthyste

IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cevins Améthyste - IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cevins (Red)

60% persan, 40% mondeuse noire

An excellent red, at once structured, delicate and incredibly delicious. Superb.

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IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cevins  Schiste

IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cevins Schiste - IGP Vin des Allobroges - Cevins (White)

Jacquère, malvoisie, roussane, mondeuse blanche

iDealwine’s absolute favourite. A mineral, chiselled and crystal-clear wine. One of a kind.

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Vin des Allobroges -Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy  Argile

Vin des Allobroges -Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy Argile - Vin des Allobroges -Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy (Red)

80% Gamay, 20% persan

A fresh, delightful red, simply unmissable!

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Dégustation Domaine Ardoisières Coffret 3 flacons (3 x 5cl) - Dégustation Domaine Ardoisières Coffret 3 flacons (3 x 5cl) (Misc)

Que diriez-vous de découvrir la très belle gamme des vins du domaine savoyard des Ardoisières, une exploitation créée ex nihilo sur des terres qui avaient connu la vigne du temps des Romains ? Nous vous avons gardé quelques coffrets après la E-dégustation organisée aux côtés de Brice Omont le 14 janvier dernier, l’occasion de faire durer le plaisir des amateurs curieux !

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IGP Vin des Allobroges -Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy  Argile

IGP Vin des Allobroges -Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy Argile - IGP Vin des Allobroges -Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy (White)

40% jacquère, 40% Chardonnay, 20% mondeuse blanche

One of iDealwine's favourites. A pure and polished wine with a pleasant level of acidity lifted by notes of citrus fruit and pine resin.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
"Here, the biodynamic-inspired viticulture is all but heroic (the slopes can reach 70%), the yields are low, and the wines largely produced from grape varieties planted together and blended. The results are admirable: the wines are stunning, original and defy the odds in their aging potential.”
  • Bettane & Desseauve
"The wines are full and ripe, propelled by expertly-balanced élevages, whereby the oak is present but subtle, and integrates perfectly during aging. The whites […] offer freshness, body, tension and ambition. […] The reds […] have substance, density, without any toughness or rusticity.”

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