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Why is this domain called Aléofane? Winemaker Natacha Chave was inspired by a book by John Macmillan Brown for the name of this domain. The imaginary island Aléofane is a place where fermented drinks such as wine are rare and diabolic goods that nonetheless possess healing properties and are prescribed to the sick. If wine was the cure for all maladies, we'd want to drink Natacha Chave's! Daughter of a winemaker, her brother Yann took over the family domain situated in the Crozes-Hermitage and Hermitage appellations in 2000. Natacha spent some time pursuing philosophy before signing up to an agricultural course at the wine university in Suze-la-Rousse. In 2004, she bought 1.5 hectares of vines in the Saint-Joseph and Tournon-sur-Rhône appellations. Over the years her domain has expanded, and she has planted some vines in Crozes-Hermitage. Like many, Natacha has a great deal of respect for nature and tries to intervene as little as possible both in the vineyard and in the winery, using some biodynamic methods

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Cornas Cornas - Cornas (Red)


Issue de jeunes vignes plantées en 2017, cette cuvée friande et harmonieuse allie fruits noirs, violette et note poivrée.

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Crozes-Hermitage - Crozes-Hermitage (Red)

100% Syrah

This fruity Crozes-Hermitage is supple, silky and works beautifully with grilled red meats.

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Saint-Joseph Aléofane (Domaine) - Saint-Joseph (Red)

100% Syrah

Fruity, mouth-watering and elegant, this Muscat from Kientzler is true to its word.

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