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Rivesaltes is a natural sweet wine (vin doux naturel) which has had protected designation of origin status since 1936 (AOP). Rivesaltes are produced from 5 main grape varieties: Grenache blanc, gris and noir, Maccabeu and Malvoisie, as well as two other varieties (which shouldn’t surpass 20% of the blend), Muscat blanc à petit grain and Muscat d’Alexandrie. The yields are limited at 30 hectoliters/hectare. Rivesaltes is a fortified wine, which means it has had 5 to 10% eau de vie added to the grape must during fermentation, in order to block the fermentation and preserve the residual sugar that hasn’t been transformed into alcohol. These wines are generally matured in contact with oxygen, in oak, vats or glass demijohns; the élevage is very long and can last several decades. Once bottled, the wines develop more complex aromas of dried fruits, vanilla, coffee, honey and burnt sugar. Rivesaltes is characterized by its sweetness which is balanced by a nice freshness, and has very specific aromas of tobacco, leather, roasted coffee, cocoa, along with notes of dried fruits (dates, raisins, prunes, dried apricots…) and most of all, aromas of walnut and almond. The light bitterness (walnut, buttery aromas) is known by the term ‘rancio’. These wines are truly original and absolutely exciting.


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