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Domain: Clos Cibonne

Discover the story of an iconic Provencal estate that has proven it is absolutely possible to produce great characterful wines there, whether they’re rosé, red or white. It’s also a perfect opportunity to taste the local tibouren grape, so recently on the verge of disappearing from vineyards in Provence.

Domaine Clos Cibonne is ideally situated between Toulon and Hyères in the commune of Pradet, near the cape of Carqueiranne and perched on the rolling hills of Colle Noire, which rise above the red rock cliffs falling into the turquoise Mediterranean. The domaine bears the namesake of former owner, Jean-Baptiste de Cibon. The estate was sold after his death in 1797 to ancestors of the Roux family whose successive generations have lived and worked on this property ever since. In the 1930s the estate was converted exclusively to winegrowing, under the command of André Roux who foresaw the immense success of Provencal rosé. Roux was a pioneering winegrower, choosing to cultivate the original and little-known variety of Tibouren. He removed five hectares of old vines, jealously preserving a few old specimens of this varietal whose grafts have enabled the gradual replanting of the whole vineyard, though he added some Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah to qualify for the Côtes de Provence appellation. Although we may find some Tibouren in other Provencal wines today, Clos Cibonne remains the principal ambassador of this varietal in France and, no doubt, the world!

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Clos Cibonne

Clos Cibonne
: All wines from this producer

Côtes de Provence Clos Cibonne Tibouren Cuvée Spéciale des Vignettes

Côtes de Provence Clos Cibonne Tibouren Cuvée Spéciale des Vignettes - Côtes de Provence (Rosé)

90% tibouren, 10% Grenache

A rosé with a surprising aromatic bouquet and incredible palate. Grip, freshness and phenomenal length in the mouth make this the ultimate food pairing wine.

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Côtes de Provence Clos Cibonne Prestige Caroline - Côtes de Provence (Rosé)

90% tibouren, 10% grenache

This Provence cru classé is a true gastronomic rosé. Perfect with salmon or chicken in mushroom sauce.

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Côtes de Provence Clos Cibonne Tibouren - Côtes de Provence (Rosé)


This 100% Tibouren – the obscure, traditional Provencal grape variety – wears a pale salmon-pink colour, tinged with orange reflections. An intensely fruity nose leads into a heady palate with lots of minerality and fruit. Brilliant food pairing versatility.

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Côtes de Provence Clos Cibonne Prestige Olivier - Côtes de Provence (Red)

Assemblage Tibouren, Grenache, Syrah

This prestigious Provence grand cru is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Tibouren (a grape variety local to the region). A perfect wine for grilled meats.

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Côtes de Provence  Cuvée Spéciale Tibouren

Côtes de Provence Cuvée Spéciale Tibouren - Côtes de Provence (Red)

90% tibouren, 10% Grenache

Silken and elegant, this red wine delivers all the potential and charm of the rare Tibouren variety, historically championed by this domaine. An unmissable cuvée.

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Côtes de Provence Clos Cibonne Tentations - Côtes de Provence (Rosé)

50% Grenache, 20% Cinsault, Syrah ,tibouren

Delicate yet progressive on the nose. Aromas of apricot and a beautiful minerality is unfurled. Ideal as an aperitif.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
“We were dazzled by the depth of the wines – the rosés, the domain’s strong point, are both maritime and Provençal in character. They’re are unlike anything else you see from the region, they haven’t followed local rules, and we really enjoyed that. Most of them come from old vines (Cuvée des Vignettes) and are aged for one year in casks or barrels (Caroline). Instead of a nice white Mediterranean wine, enjoy this with a meal."
  • Bettane & Desseauve
"The Cuvée Olivier, in the Côtes de Provence appellation, is one of the most beautiful expressions of red that we have ever encountered. On its own, it shows the untapped potential of the Provence terroir to produce great reds. We would love to see more ruby-coloured wonders like this!”

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