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Eric Bordelet crafts top ciders and perry. Inspired by fine wine and armed with olid sommelier experience, his drinks are parcel-focused from orchard terroirs in western France. A surprising discovery!

An outlier in the world of iDealwine, Eric Bordelet's domain was founded in 1992. After learning from some of the biggest names in gastronomy, this former sommelier took the chance to take over his family's domain. He thus became the owner of twenty hectares of orchards, where he grows around thirty varieties of apples and pears organically, producing unique cider and perry. The notion of terroir matters to this producer, and the drinks he makes are parcel-focused, with cuvées like Argelette and Granit named after the terroirs where they were cultivated. At the domain, harvests are selective and carried out by hand, taking place between September and December due to the large number of varieties. The cider and perry are fermented in vats before bottling with residual sugar. An admirable craft resulting in a product loved by all kinds of enthusiasts, including the iDealwine team!

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Eric Bordelet

Eric Bordelet
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Mayenne Cormé - Mayenne (Sparkling)

Connaissez-vous le Cormé ? C’est une boisson ancienne produite à partir des cormes, un fruit de la même famille que la pomme et la poire. Une belle découverte !

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Mayenne Poiré Granit

Mayenne Poiré Granit - Mayenne (White)

This haute-couture perry is produced from 15 different varieties of pear and with the same care and precision as a top quality wine. Definitely not to be missed!

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Mayenne Poiré Authentique

Mayenne Poiré Authentique - Mayenne (Sparkling)

This demi-sec perry from a former sommelier achieves the perfect balance between freshness and intense, crisp fruitiness and is only 4% ABV. An incredibly easy and moreish drink!

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Mayenne Cidre Sydre Argelette

Mayenne Cidre Sydre Argelette - Mayenne (Sparkling)

This excellent, high-end cider is made with many different varieties of apple from well-established trees on a superb terroir. Winey and extremely well-balanced.

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