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Japan, Nagano. Distillery operational. Owner: Hombo Shuzo Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1985, Mars-Shinshu had been a distillery in-the-making since 1918. Its history has something of the “back to the future” about it. In 1918, Kijiro Iwai, director of Settsu Shozu, sent Masataka Taketsuru to Scotland to learn the basics of distillation. On his return in 1920, he found his employer at the head of a company that had gone adrift. Settsu Shozu was unable to follow through on its plans for a new distillery and in the end it was Shinjiro Torii (Suntory) that benefited from Taketsuru's experience first, using it to found the Yamazaki distillery. In 1960, Kijiro Iwai's son-in-law, then director of the Hombo company, decided to take up the challenge. Drawing on the experience of his father-in-law and Taketsuru's notes, he began distilling a robust, smoky malt at one of his wine and brandy production units in Yamanashi. Quite unsuited to the tastes of Japanese consumers at the time who were accustomed to more subtle flavours, it was a commercial failure. In 1978, however, he made a second attempt at the Kagoshima site, before finally deciding to open Mars-Shinshu in 1985. Caught up in the upheaval of a crisis in whisky consumption in Japan, the distillery ceased production in 1992. In 2011, following major restoration work, Mars-Shinshu then opened once again, this time for the long run.

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Mars - Shinshu
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Marsmalt 2014 Of. Le Papillon Miyamashirocho Cask n°1860 - bottled 2017 LMDW - Marsmalt (Brown)

A Mars single cask (#1860) distilled in 2014 and bottled in 2017, matured in American oak. The Mars Le Papillon series was born from Mr Hombo’s love of insects. This bottling features Miyamashirocho (... All prices

Mars 2015 Of. Komagatake Peated Cask 1955 - Mars (Brown)

A single malt named Komagatake produced at the Shinshu Mars distillery in the Nagano prefecture. A single cask #1955 edition selected by La Maison du Whisky and bottled by the distillery owner Hombo S... All prices

Komagatake 2012 Of. American White Oak Puncheon n°1555 - Bottled 2016 LMDW 60th Anniversary - Komagatake (Brown)

A single cask Mars (#1555) distilled in 2012 at Shinshu and bottled in 2016, matured in an American white oak puncheon. It is peated to 3 ppm and is a limited edition of 602 bottles to celebrate La Ma... All prices

Komagatake 2015 Of. Yakushima Aging Cask n°2037 - bottled 2019 LMDW - Komagatake (Brown)

A Mars Komagatake 2015 Single Cask (First Fill Bourbon Barrel #2037) bottled in 2019 for La Maison du Whisky, a whisky and fine spirits importer and distributor founded in 1956 by Georges Bénitah. The... All prices

Komagatake 3 years 2013 Of. Tsunuki Aging One of 2274 Commemorative Edition - Komagatake (Brown)

This whisky was distilled at the Shinshu distillery in 2013 but matured for three years at Tsunuki, Mars’ other distillery in Kyushu. Mars has access to various sites for maturation, including Shinshu... All prices

Mars Of. Komagatake Nature of Shinshu Kohiganzakura - Mars (Brown)

Mars Kohiganzakura was blended and bottled in 2016 from lightly peated whisky distilled in 2013 and a small amount of 20 year old whisky. It is named after a flower commonly found in the Nagano prefec... All prices

Mars Of. The Lucky Cat - Ash'99 - Mars (Brown)

The Lucky Cat series was launched in 2017. It pays tribute to the owner of the Mars distillery’s love of cats. Each edition is named after one of their cats. It is a blend matured in bourbon and sherr... All prices

Komagatake Of. Double Cellars bottled 2019 LMDW - Komagatake (Brown)

Mars Komagatake Double Cellars is a blend of whiskies distilled in Shinshu 2014 but aged in two separate locations, the first, Shinshu, at an altitude of 800 metres in the centre of Japan, in bourbon ... All prices

Mars Of. Tsunuki The First 2016-2017 One of 9984 - bottled 2020 - Mars (Brown)

A blend of Mars whiskies distilled in 2016 and 2017 at the Tsunuki distillery, which opened in 2016. A limited edition of 9,984 bottles released in 2020 for La Maison du Whisky, a whisky and spirits i... All prices

Mars Of. The Lucky Cat - Mint - Mars (Brown)

The Lucky Cat series was launched in 2017. It pays tribute to the owner of the Mars distillery’s love of cats. Each edition is named after one of their cats. A limited edition blend of 3,830 bottles. All prices

Komagatake Of. Limited Edition 2018 LMDW - Komagatake (Brown)

Mars Komagatake Limited Edition 2018 is a lightly peated young whisky matured in bourbon and American oak casks. All prices

Mars Maltage Of. Cosmo Malt Selection - Mars Maltage (Brown)

Released in 2015 at the Tokyo International Bar Show, Mars Cosmo is a blend of malt whiskies from the Mars distillery in Shinshu and Scottish malt whiskies. Its name refers to Mount Kosmo, which is lo... All prices

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