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Compass Box is unique in the world of whisky. Founded in 2000, it is a small independent company specializing in the blending of whiskies bought from large producers. Compass Box has made this its speciality, becoming a master in its fields of blended malts, blended grains and blended whisky, with each category represented in its portfolio. It is also a company with a deep-rooted philosophy, elevating blending to a worthy, noble task, distancing itself from its industrial image and reasserting the value of its craft as a ‘whiskymaker'.

Compass Box Whisky
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The Last Vatted Malt Compass Box bottled 2011 Limited Edition of 1323 bottles - The Last Vatted Malt (Brown)

Bottled by the blending company Compass Box on 22 November 2011, just as new legislation for Scottish whisky came into force, The Last Vatted Malt was the last whisky able to use the term “vatted malt... All prices

Tobias and the Angel Compass Box One of 2634 - bottled 2019 Limited Edition - Tobias and the Angel (Brown)

Bottled at the start of 2019, this blended malt is named after the eponymous work created by Andrea Del Verrochio between 1470 and 1480. Currently on exhibition at the National Gallery in London, Tobi... All prices

Hedonism Compass Box Maximus Limited Edition - Hedonism (Brown)

Hedonism Maximus is a blend of three very old grain whiskies created by John Glaser, Master Blender at the London-based Compass Box. It includes a 29 year old Cameronbridge - one of the largest and ol... All prices

Luxury Compass Box bottled 2015 Limited Release of 4 992 bottles - Luxury (Brown)

A Caroni distilled in 1992 and bottled in 2010 by Velier. For this edition, 16,236 bottles at 55% ABV were produced from 33 casks, alongside a cask strength version from the same year producing 6,253 ... All prices

Rogue's Banquet Compass Box - Rogue's Banquet (Brown)

A blended scotch from the Compass Box blending company established in 2000, produced by the founder John John Glaser using malt from three distilleries, Clynelish, Miltonduff and Glen Elgin, and grain... All prices

Artist Compass Box Artist n°7 70th Velier Anniversaray LMDW Limited Edition of 1920 - Artist (Brown)

This Compass Box blend was bottled for the seventh edition of La Maison du Whisky’s Artist range illustrated by Lino Di Vinci. Released in 2017, it also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding... All prices

Spice Tree Compass Box Extravaganza Limited Edition - Spice Tree (Brown)

A limited edition of Spice Tree featuring older whiskies and a generous proportion of sherry casks. A limited edition of 12,240 bottles released in 2016. All prices

Myths & Legends III Compass Box One of 4446 - bottled 2019 Limited Edition - Myths & Legends III (Brown)

More iconoclastic than ever, Myths & Legends III proves that no distillery is too famous or too precious to be blended. Whisky is above all about creativity and quality, rather than its category. This... All prices

Myths & Legends I Compass Box One of 4394 - bottled 2019 Limited Edition - Myths & Legends I (Brown)

Myths & Legends I is Compass Box’s first single malt. It is a blend of several malts produced at the same distillery in the Northern Highlands, as is often the case for single malts. This version illu... All prices

Myths & Legends II Compass Box One of 4564 - bottled 2019 Limited Edition - Myths & Legends II (Brown)

Myths & Legends II is a blend of single malts from a single distillery in the heart of Speyside. And yet it does not present the typical Speyside profile. Perhaps because such a thing does not exist? ... All prices

Flaming Heart Compass Box bottled 2015 Limited Edition of 12 060 bottles - Flaming Heart (Brown)

The fifth edition of Flaming Heart from Compass Box, bottled in 2015 to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary. The recipe is based on the marriage of whisky aged in heavily toasted French oak casks... All prices

The Lost Blend Compass Box Limited Edition of 12018 - The Lost Blend (Brown)

A blended scotch whisky from the Compass Box blending company founded in 2000, produced by the founder John Glaser. This version is a nod to one of the very first editions, launched in 2001 and named ... All prices

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