Information & scores : 1988 Burgundy

  • Red 16/20
  • White 14/20

Vintage description 1988 Burgundy

The climatic conditions resulted in a regular vegetative cycle. This is a very good vintage for red wines. The harvest was in perfect sanitary condition, with thick-skinned grapes and a low juice yield ¿ ideal for ensuring a grape material of sufficient concentration. They are quite vigorous in comparison to the harmony of the 1985 wines, and they also lack the richness and ampleness of the latter. Deep-coloured, they are stamped with fairly austere tannins. These wines will become more harmonious in the years to come and will cellar well. Chardonnay, following a higher yield than normal, suffered from a relatively dry summer and its ripening was more laborious and difficult. The tight framework restricts the ampleness of the white wines, which have both a fresh and slender structure. Just like those in 1978, once bottled they remained unchanged for a long time. They have just started to open up but require another few years before they will reach their full potential.

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