Information & scores : 2001 South Rhone

  • Indifferent 14/20

Vintage description 2001 South Rhone

A quality vintage with great contrast. Wonderful concentration to the north and low maturity in the south. In Condrieu, wines are excellent but a notch below the grandeur of 2000, with great fullness of body and length on the palate. The Côte-Rôtie wines are elegant and refined. The wines are comparable to those of 1991 and feature average ageing potential. Saint-Joseph showed a lack of balance in its woody wines. Produced from late harvests, the Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage wines are austere but with beautiful structure. Some stunning, refined and velvety smooth Cornas wines that are less solid than usual. In Châteauneuf-du-Pape, wines were affected by excessive heat. The whites lack acidity and freshness. The best display great minerality. The reds suffer from high levels of alcohol but a very distinct lack of maturity. Most crus boast beautiful texture, but ageing potential remains limited if consumers wish to avoid a certain dryness.