Information & scores : 2011 Champagne

  • Indifférent 16/20

Vintage description 2011 Champagne

Many commentators concur that 2011 ranks among the finest Champagne vintages. This was good year for the vines from a climatic point of view, particularly for Chardonnay.
A mild spring triggered an early start to the growth cycle. This exceptional precocity, unheard of since 1822, is reflected in the harvests. Precipitation was scarce, thus encouraging the vines to seek out the water required for their development deep underground. There was nevertheless intermittent light rainfall during the summer and at harvest time. However, this did not affect the health of the grapes. Alternate cool nights and hot days favoured optimum grape ripeness in healthy conditions. Caution was required to avoid rushing the harvest so that the grapes could be picked when fully ripe.
The Chardonnay grapes harvested were of exceptional quality! They will produce excellent vintage Blanc de Blancs blends.