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Mumm was founded by German wine merchants in 1827 and has had a number of proprietors. In the 1980s, Mumm was the number two champagne brand. The house has focused on exports from the outset and pioneered the art of adapting its cuvées to different markets with different tastes, depending on the country. In the early 1990s it was taken over by the beverage corporation Seagram and then handed over to Allied Domecq in 2000. Today, Mumm is part of the Pernod-Ricard group. and its production has regained its consistency, with clean, supple and immediately accessible cuvées. To mark its resurgence, a new and long-awaited prestige cuvée has just been launched, resuming the tradition of paying tribute to former cellar master René Lalou. Today, the champagne house most certainly has the resources and ambition to regain its position.


Mumm: All wines from this producer

Mumm: All wines from this producer

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